What’s New at Essential Nutrition

Upcoming Events

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Restaurant Outings

  • Meet your dietitian at a local restaurant or coffee shop
  • Learn skills around mindful eating, honoring hunger and fullness appropriately for your individual needs
  • Overcome fear/challenge foods
  • Learn to plate food in proper amounts without measuring food or second-guessing yourself
  • Address Truth vs. Distortion messages regarding food and health
  • Challenge any disordered eating thoughts through direct exposure and cognitive restructuring
  • Learn skill-building exercises to normalize thoughts and behaviors with food
Woman shopping at the supermarket

Supermarket Tours

  • Lean to effectively shop for the most nutritious foods to meet your health needs
  • Break the routine and purchase new and different foods to further promote optimal health and well-being (you may be surprised by what that includes!)
  • Understand how to get the most valuable information from food labels
  • Shop with the support of your dietitian to purchase an appropriate amount of food for your meal plan
  • Reduce time and money spent in the store
  • Learn new recipes and meal ideas

In-Office Meal Support

  • Work with your dietitian on developing and fine-tuning your skills on mindful, intuitive eating in the comfort of our private office
  • Bring your meal, snack, or challenge food with you, and your dietitian will do the same (note that your dietitian may or may not be eating with you, depending upon the particular skill-set you are developing)
  • In-session experience and coaching greatly increases the chances of utilization of these skills on your own

Text Support Between Sessions

  • Communicate via text with your dietitian in a HIPAA-compliant fashion
  • Track food intake and movement patterns as they relate to emotions, energy levels, stress, and more (not calories!)
  • Small monthly fee that promotes greater compliance, accountability and support between sessions
  • The program we use can link other healthcare professionals and family members all together within the same account
  • Enhances personal progress

Metabolism Clinic

  • Measure your own resting metabolic rate and determine your actual caloric expenditure
  • Understand how your metabolism is functioning and how to effectively address any concerns
  • Create a personalized meal plan best suited for your personal nutrition goals
  • Evaluate your body composition and track changes in lean body mass (muscle) and fat mass over time to determine effectiveness of your nutrition and exercise program
  • Saturday mornings, 9am-12pm
  • Please call to reserve your space.  720-315-0051
  • Prices vary, based upon which test(s) you have done and whether tests are performed at the same appointment or separately
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Eating Disorder Support

  • Maximum support from your dietitian with frequent office visits, internet coaching, email support, and family sessions, for increased accountability and improved outcomes
  • Includes both individual sessions as well as family sessions
  • Meal support provided (in office, at restaurants, and at home via internet-sessions)
  • Supermarket shopping support provided to effectively shop without dependence upon eating disorder-driven thoughts and behaviors
  • Reduce anxiety and fear before, during, and after meals
  • Work towards normalizing one’s relationship with food and eating