Jessica Lechman, R.D.N., L.D.N.

Adolescent, Teen and Adult Nutrition


About Jessica Lechman
R.D.N., L.D.N.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Jess completed her bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University and became a Registered Dietitian in 2020. She then went on to complete her M.S. in Exercise and Nutrition Science from Lipscomb University in Tennessee. She became a Registered Dietitian in 2020 and has been working one-on-one with patients in the outpatient setting.

Jess is passionate about helping individuals foster a positive relationship with food that incorporates intuitive eating, listening to your body’s hunger/fullness cues, and learning flexible eating habits to support overall nutrition. She has primarily worked one-on-one with clients in the outpatient setting and enjoys getting to know her clients. Jess believes that physical, mental, and emotional health can all play a role in developing a healthy relationship with food. Her goal is to help more people find food freedom and to feel confident providing their body with the nutrition it needs.

When she is not working, Jess enjoys the outdoors and going on walks, being active, spending time with friends and family, and trying out new restaurants!

Specialties Include:

Adolescent, Teen and Adult Nutrition
Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating
Intuitive Eating
Healing Relationships with Food after Chronic Dieting
Heart Health
Blood Sugar Balance
Digestive Health
Meal Planning
Food Allergies and Intolerances
General Nutrition
Nutrition for Anxiety and Depression
Sports Nutrition for kids and adults