At Essential Nutrition, we stand for:

  • Providing the highest quality nutrition counseling possible, where the client is heard, respected, cared for, and treated like we would want ourselves and our family to be treated
  • Educating ourselves regularly to be as knowledgeable as possible, and proactive in finding answers when things are unknown
  • Offering a variety of effective products and services for clients to help them find creative and strategic solutions to achieving their goals
  • Blending conventional and alternative medicine and nutrition practices to apply a “best fit” approach in meeting client needs
  • Taking the utmost pride in our work, keeping our minds open and curious, and respecting ourselves and others throughout
  • Striving to love and enjoy all that we do, leading by example, and maintaining passion in our work.

Lisa Lanzano, Director of Essential Nutrition

Lisa Lanzano

Thanks for visiting our website! I'm Lisa Lanzano, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and owner of Essential Nutrition. I founded Essential Nutrition in 2003 in Boulder, Colorado, and we have expanded our staff and locations over the years to include several more dietitians and a Denver, Colorado, location. We are committed to providing you with the very best personalized nutrition counseling services, whether that's for you as an individual or your whole family. My team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and I are committed to helping you develop healthful and nourishing eating habits, positive relationships with food, and a balanced approach to nutrition so you can achieve confidence and peace of mind in any eating situation.

Our team at Essential Nutrition works hard to ensure you enjoy the food you eat while also developing lifelong skills that will ensure your dietary intake provides you with the nutrition you need for good health. We take a no-nonsense, non-diet approach to nutrition, self-care, and body acceptance. We offer a variety of different service options to help you explore various ways to achieve optimal health, including nutrigenomics, body composition and cellular health test (bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), resting metabolic rate test (RMR) via MedGem®, food sensitivity testing with MRT (mediator release test), nutrition expertise and guidance for preventive medicine and chronic disease, gastrointestinal health, women's health concerns, and specific nutrition-targeted care for children, teens, adults, individuals with eating disorders, and more.

Nutrition and food can be a sensitive topic, and we respect that. At Essential Nutrition, we believe everyone deserves good health, good nutritional care, and a team that listens and takes your concerns seriously. We work with you to tailor your care. We are nutrition experts and dietary nutritionists, but you are the expert of you. Together, we can achieve great things. To get started on improving your nutrition and well-being, call the office nearest you or request an appointment online today here.

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