Body Composition And Cellular Health Test Specialist

What if you could learn about both your body composition and your cellular health with a quick, convenient test?

At Essential Nutrition in Boulder and Denver, Colorado, Lisa Lanzano, MS, RDN, and her team offer this test to give you deeper insights into the effectiveness of nutrition and exercise plans and your overall wellness. To learn more about this body composition and cellular health test, call the office nearest you or make your appointment online today.


Body Composition and Cellular Health Test Q & A

What is a body composition and cellular health test?

To test body composition and cellular health, we use a bioelectrical impedance analysis machine. With this fast, comfortable, non-invasive test, available at our Boulder office, we can assess your body composition, your hydration level, and the general overall health of the cells in your body. This can be helpful to measure over time to see changes in the makeup of your body.
With body composition testing, we have a way to tangibly measure the effects of your nutrition and exercise programs, to make sure you’re staying hydrated, and ensure that your nutritional intake and exercise habits are promoting good (cellular) health and hydration.

How does this test measure cellular health?

When we perform the bioelectrical impedance analysis with our machine, it can measure something called the “phase angle” of your body’s cells.

Phase angle is a measurement of the overall health of your cells and cellular membranes. Poor nutrition reduces the delivery of important nutrients and oxygen that the cells require for good health and proper functioning. When nutrition is negatively impacted, phase angle can be reduced. And a lower phase angle is associated with a higher likelihood of cell death. Healthy cells and cell membranes require good nutritional intake! Studies in patients with kidney disease and HIV have shown better health outcomes when their phase angle is higher and stays higher over time. When phase angle starts to drop, this is associated with worsened health outcomes. Lower phase angles have been linked to a wide range of health conditions, including:

  • HIV
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Sepsis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Certain cancers

The good news is that nutrition can help improve your phase angle and overall cellular health! When we eat enough nutrients that our bodies need to function properly, and oxygen can properly be carried throughout the body and delivered to the cells, this can be reflected in higher phase angles. With repeated body composition and cellular health testing, your dietitian can measure and track the impact of your nutrition program on your body’s health over time. Good nutrition makes your cells happier!

What should I expect with a body composition and cellular health test?

During the bioelectrical impedance analysis, your dietitian will have you lie flat and still on our couch. We will put sensors on your hands and feet, and hook these up to our machine, which then sends a safe, small electrical current through your body. This test is completely noninvasive and takes just seconds. You will get your results immediately.

Because the test is safe and convenient, it’s an excellent way to track your progress over time; repeated test can reflect any nutritional changes you make and whether it’s having a positive or negative impact on your body.

To learn more about this test or to schedule yours, please contact our office to make your appointment today.


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